Offering universal-fit and bespoke custom-fit in-ear monitors, Noble is revered internationally for its design aesthetic, craftsmanship, and exceptional sound quality.

EDC Velvet

EDC Velvet, the premiere model in the all-new EDC series, is characterized by a warm, pleasant, sound with solid low-end response considering its compact form factor.

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EDC Bell

Inspired by the brass bell which has used metallurgy, the science of metal, to control and enhance sound.

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Kaiser Encore

Kaiser Encore is the successor to Noble’s previous award-winning flagship IEM, the Kaiser 10 (K10).

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Considered by many to have the perfect combination of balance, artistic beauty, and sharpness in its cutting edge, the Katana sword is by all accounts a precision instrument. As a tribute to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the finest examples, Wizard’s latest design bears the name Katana.

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Award-winning sound meets creative aluminum design

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"The most remarkable thing about the K10U is just how clean, seamless and extended it sounds. Packing 10 drivers into the small confines of an in-ear monitor is no mean feat – but getting them to integrate so as it sounds as though you are hearing one point source is equally as impressive."

"Which one you choose depends on what’s comfortable, where you plan to listen, what you plan to listen to and, of course, your budget. Higher prices tend to indicate better quality sound and materials, or possibly customization, such as earpieces by JH Audio and Noble Audio, which can cost $400 to more than $1,000 and are molded to precisely fit your ear — like those you see musicians wearing on stage."


Bespoke in-ear monitors made-to-order, a true intersection of art and function

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